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The SAFEHIKE project is a unique collaboration between Austria, Slovakia and Romania. The aim of the project is to protect hikers from health and safety hazards while hiking in nature. The project partners are active people who are committed to increasing the qualification of mountain guides, hiking group leaders and active amateur hikers. The project has already had a positive impact on the safety of hikers in the three countries involved.

What you need to know about hiking safely

To protect yourself from hazards. There are many potential hazards while hiking, including dehydration, hypothermia, heat stroke, snake bites, and more. Learning about these hazards and how to protect yourself from them can help you stay safe on the trail.

To avoid getting lost. Getting lost while hiking can be a dangerous situation if you don’t know what to do. Learning about orienteering and navigation can help you find your way back if you get lost.


To be prepared for emergencies. If you have an accident or injury while hiking, it’s important to know what to do until help arrives. First aid training can save lives in emergency situations.



Promoting active healthy lifestyle in Vienna and overall Austria.


Hiking club with the pool of experienced mountaineers.


Outdoor Learning and non-formal education specialist

SAFEHIKE program

The SAFEHIKE program has opened up a world of opportunity for avid hikers seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge about navigating the great outdoors. With the help of the esteemed Erasmus+ sport program, this impressive initiative has now spread its wings to encompass multiple locations across Europe, including Austria, Romania and Slovakia. Participants can expect to learn valuable techniques such as orienteering, hazard identification, and how to handle unforeseen situations when venturing into the mountains. Join this unique experience and explore the beauty of these picturesque regions while sharpening your outdoor savvy!