International training in Targu Jiu

Hiking Training in Romania

Targu Jiu, Romania 12-13 August 2023

SAFEHIKE Mountain safety training commenced with a vibrant day dedicated to building connections and foundational knowledge. First day began with activities designed to break the ice among participants, ensuring everyone could communicate effectively and get to know each other better. 

The focus then shifted to a critical aspect of mountain safety: first aid. Grigore Richter, the director of Red Cross Gorj County, led an informative workshop that combined theoretical knowledge with practical application. Participants learned essential first aid steps for mountain emergencies, including how to assess situations, provide CPR, and manage encounters with vipers and ticks—a prevalent hazard during summer in the mountains.

Following this, Sabin Cornoiu, the director of Mountain Rescue Gorj and overall director of Mountain Rescue in Romania, introduced the third session of the day. Held at the Mountain Rescue headquarters in Targu-Jiu, this workshop shed light on the equipment and strategies used by Mountain Rescue, from standard gear like backpacks and harnesses to advanced AI-powered drones. Cornoiu shared insights on accident prevention, intervention strategies, and how hikers can stay safe on the mountains.

Second day transitioned from theory to practice, taking the participants to Baia de Fier for a hands-on experience. Guided by the Mountain Club White Wolf, the group embarked on a hike and tackled three via-ferrata trails of varying difficulty levels. This practical day not only tested the participants’ physical abilities but also their application of the safety principles learned the day before.

The training concluded with the distribution of certificates, recognizing the participants’ completion of the course, and an evaluation session to reflect on the experiences and lessons learned. Two-day SAFEHIKE training journey was not just about learning the ropes of mountain safety but also about forging connections, understanding the importance of preparedness, and embracing the challenges of the great outdoors with respect and caution.